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Shawn Thornhill


Deputy Shawn Thornhill has been with the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office since 2011. Deputy Thornhill was elected as Vice President in 2015 and accepted the President position in May 2016.

Jason Flanagan

Vice President

Deputy Jason Flanagan is a Deputy with the Sheriff's Office and current K9 handler. Deputy Flanagan was previously the Vice President in 2015. Due to an open board position Deputy Flanagan was appointed to the role of Vice President in May 2016. 

Phillip Dickerman

Secretary / Treasure

Deputy Phillip Dickerman has been with the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office since 2010. Deputy Dickerman previously work for the Nevada Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer. Deputy Dickerman was elected as the Secretary/ Treasurer in 2013. Deputy Dickerman was re-elected in 2015.